Support Riders at Summer Winds Equestrian Camp

Equestrian sports are expensive. And not everyone can afford the high costs. Many of our Rose Court Farm riders and their families make sacrifices to cover board, pay for lessons, and provide equipment so they can participate in this sport.  Many young riders work at the farm to help pay for their riding expenses.  But, sometimes, even this is not enough. Extra costs, like summer camps, can push the budget too far.

You can help provide funding for young riders who would like to attend the Southern Winds Equestrian Camp.  This camp is held each year at Broxton Bridge Plantation, nestled on the Salkehatchie River, located just south of Walterboro, SC, in a town called Ehrhardt. At this camp, riders practice their skills, play equestrian games, swim with the horses, and learn cooperative and leadership skills.  The camp is run by Rose Court Farms instructors Lindsey Loppnow and Katie Forcier, along with other instructors and assistants.  The campers spend their days outside in a natural setting and their nights in an 18th century plantation house.  This camp helps them to become better riders, but also better young adults.

Why should you care?

Girls who participate in horse sports tend to:

  • gain self confidence and determination
  • stand more firm against peer pressure
  • achieve higher grades
  • learn cooperative skills that help them work well with others
  • learn leadership skills that help them train and manage others
  • avoid problems with drugs and alcohol
  • have a lower rate of teen pregnancy
  • graduate from high school and, often, college
Overall, participating in horse sports helps girls develop into better citizens and stronger leaders. Thus, we all could benefit from encouraging these young women.

You can make a contribution using the donation button or you can contact Rob Browning at about making a donation for Rose Court Farm riders.  You can provide different levels of support:
  • Support:  All size donations are welcome.  If you feel you can give $5 to $500, we would appreciate any help you can give.  The campers will pay for most of their trips.  Your donation will help make it more affordable.  You will be listed on this website as a supporter.  
  • Offer Individual Scholarship:  You can send one girl to camp for a $500 donation.  You can name this scholarship after a person or your favorite horse.  You may provide the story behind your donation (and pictures, if applicable), which will be shared with the campers and posted to this website.  You will get a camp t-shirt for your donation, and a "thank you" letter from the girl you sponsor describing her adventures at camp.  
  • Provide Corporate Sponsorship:  You can provide a $1000 donation to help offset the costs for the Rose Court Farm riders.  You will be included as a sponsor on this website, on the camp t-shirt, and in promotional material.  You will receive a photograph of the campers wearing the t-shirt with your company's name on it - suitable for hanging and sharing.  You will also get some camp t-shirts.  

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