Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lowcountry Horse Shows

We have some great choices for local horse shows.  Local shows are sponsored by the following organizations:

The 2013 Lowcountry horse show schedule:
  • January 12:  Middleton Place Hounds Combined Test (Middleton Equestrian Center)  
  • February 2: Storm Riders 4-H Fun Show (Mullet Hall)
  • February 3: Coastal Classic IEA Horseshow (Mullet Hall) 
  • February 16:  Coastal Island (Mullet Hall)
  • February 23:  Tall Pines (Reeves Equestrian Center)
  • February 23-24:  Lowcountry Dressage Classic (SCDCTA - Mullet Hall)
  • March 9:  Coastal Island (Mullet Hall)
  • March 16-17:  Ashley Hall Horse Show (Hunter Jumper - Mullet Hall)
  • March 30:  Tall Pines (Reeves Equestrian Center)
  • April 13: Tidelands (Combined Training - Mullet Hall)
  • April 20:  Coastal Island (Mullet Hall)
  • April 27: Tall Pines (Reeves Equestrian Center)
  • May 18:  Coastal Island (Mullet Hall)
  • May 25:  Tall Pines (Reeves Equestrian Center)
  • May 26:  Middleton Place CT Show (Middleton Place Equestrian Center)
  • June 7-9: PSJ Mullet Hall Summer Classic (Hunter Jumper - Mullet Hall)
  • July 13:  Middleton Place CT Show (Middleton Place Equestrian Center)
  • July 10-14:  Charleston I "AA" (Hunter Jumper - Mullet Hall)
  • July 16-20: Charleston II "AA" (Hunter Jumper - Mullet Hall) 
  • September 7: Tall Pines (Reeves Equestrian Center)
  • September 14:  Coastal Island (Mullet Hall)
  • September 21-22:  PSJ Mullet Hall Fall Classic (Hunter Jumper - Mullet Hall)
  • October 5:  Tidelands (Combined Training - Mullet Hall)
  • October 19: Tall Pines  (Halloween Costume Class) (Reeves Equestrian Center)
  • October 16:  Coastal Island (Mullet Hall)
  • October 31-November 10:  Coastal Carolina Fair (Fair Grounds, Ladsen)
  • November 9:  Tall Pines  (Spot Me in a Crowd Ride-A-Buck Fundraiser class at lunch). The November show is double pointed, so don't miss it! (Reeves Equestrian Center)
  • November 16:  Coastal Island (Mullet Hall)
  • December 7: Tidelands (Combined Training - Mullet Hall)
Please let me know about any shows I missed!  


  1. Central Carolina Dressage Association has a series of CT's that aren't too far. Then you have Tidelands CTs held at Mullet hall. You have Berkeley County 4H fun day at K&D ranch in Jamestown on March 19th. You have all the shows at the fair in the fall.

  2. You also should check SCDCTA for local dates.