Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Parade Schedule

Now it's time to get ready for the Christmas Parade.  We have 16 horses in the parade this year.  If you are riding, you should have:
  • your camo pad and leg wraps
  • all your tack ready to go
  • any individual decoration you would like (red/white theme)
  • a red and white santa hat
Rob will be providing the following on the day of the parade:
  • sunglasses
  • bandanas
  • beards for the horses
  • camo t-shirts
  • duct tape for the hooves
Schedule for parade day: 
  • Eat a big brunch/lunch before you come as this will be a long afternoon.
  • Arrive at barn 10ish
  • Get to parade by 11-11:30 for the horses
  • Dress them at the parade because decorations and painting may rub off if done before
  • Welcome walkers who can start showing up at 12
  • Official line up is at 1:00
  • Parade begins at 2:00
We will be lining up at slots 45-46 on the parade route, which is at the corner of N. Pine and W. 2nd N. St.  You can see a map for the line up below. 
Horse transportation is still being planned (who goes in which trailer), and I will post when plans are finalized. 

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