Friday, August 13, 2010

Rescued Horse Fighting for Life

David MacDougall of The Post and Courier reports that Angel, one of two horses rescued this week from a home in Mt. Pleasant, is struggling for her life.  She is being treated at the Shambley Equine Clinic, and it is estimated that her treatment will cost around $2000.  An unidentified woman has offered to give the horse a home, but she can't also afford to pay the full vet bill, and is looking for help.  You can send donations to LEARN Horse Rescue.

As I mentioned in my last blog post on this rescue, the mare was found down and unresponsive while tied to a cinderblock in a field.  She and her stallion companion had no food or water, and the heat index was high.  I provided a link to a video interview with a volunteer from LEARN Horse Rescue, who was clearly moved. The owner of the land, Rufus Manigault Jr, was charged with animal abuse, and the horse owner was not found yet.

Since my last post, Manigault was found not guilty.  The owner of the horses, Benjamin Elbert of Hook Lane, Mt. Pleasant, was charged $500 each horse for animal abuse.  However, I think they both got off far too easy.  At least, the owner should be made to pay the vet bill and permanently surrender the animals to new homes.  And the owner of the land should also pay a fine for allowing a crime to be committed on his property.  They should get more than a slap on the wrist.  

The stallion has been placed in a foster home, and the mare's future is uncertain. If you can, send a donation to to LEARN Horse Rescue to help her out.

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