Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Blanket Cleaning Service Coming for Drop Off and Pick Up

Janice Hargett offers blanket cleaning services, and many folks here at Rose Court Farms use her.  She charges a base fee of $25 for cleaning, then additional amounts for other services, such as repair. She picked up a bunch of blankets last week.  Janice is now done with some of the blankets and will deliver them on Saturday.  Mary will text the total amount  due for each person to him or her.  You can leave cash or check (written to Janice Hargett ) in an envelope with Rob.   If you haven't turned in your blankets for cleaning, and would like to, you can tag them with your name and what you want done and put in tack room by Friday night.  She will pick them up when dropping off the others.  You can reach Janice at (843) 607-1164.

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