Monday, July 2, 2012

Southern Winds Equestrian Camp a Success

The 2012 Southern Winds Equestrian Camp was a success.  The Rose Court horses are back in their pastures.  The Rose Court campers are now back home and into their regular lives. 

What was gained?  The campers went on trail rides, swam with their horses, took lessons, played equestrian games, and made new friends.  The horses learned to adapt to new environments, to work will in large groups, to work with new riders, and to be confident in facing challenges. 

Abby rode Mary’s new big Percheron mare, Nina.  None of us new exactly how Nina would do, since she was new to the barn.  But Nina’s breed characteristics showed through.  She was steady and calm, but adventurous.  She proved herself worthy to be a Rose Court kids horse.  After being at camp and riding other horses, Abby reports having more confidence with her own horse, Bella. 

Rachel W. rode her own horse, Lily, a black and white overo Paint who is well known for her moody personality.  Rachel says the biggest challenged they faced while at camp was trail riding.  They tried barrels for the first time, and Rachel liked it.  She says the best thing she learned was “how to swim with my horsey.” She liked the camp and looks forward to next year. 

Madi rode Annette and Christina’s Nelly, who was her usual charming self.  Nelly and Madi enjoyed swimming together.  Nelly got down the water and rolled, and even onto Madi’s foot. 

Becca rode Rob’s new lesson horse, Cheyenne, a buckskin mare who is eager to please.  Cheyenne and Becca had a great time.  Her time with Cheyenne gave Becca more confidence, and it resulted in her getting a new horse, Cruiser, for her own.

Sarah rode Karma, and they learned a lot from each other.  Sarah says that one of her favorite events from camp was the relay race where they put on extra clothes and got back on their horses. 

Overall, the girls were happy with their adventure, and they look forward to next year.  You can see pictures at the camp's Facebook page.  

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