Monday, August 27, 2012

Third Show Practice

Show practice turnout was good again this week.  Katie and Brett led the group in walk, trot, and canter practice.  The team looked strong, and everyone was commenting on how the riders were improving at each practice.  We were impressed not only with the riding, but the commitment and determination the riders showed.  Being a part of a team matters, and you could see it on their faces.

We had a number of people come to watch, as well, and Rob and Roger cleaned out the shrubs from underneath the bleachers so we can all have a good seat next week. Rob also plans to hook up the PA system next practice, and we plan to put up a few tents to help get the horses comfortable with the show environment.  Practice is at the usual time - 8:30 Saturday mornings.

Sitting on the bleachers inspired discussions of a possible half-day fun show on the farm for the boarders. We were thinking of making it a fund-raiser for our team, paying for hauling and classes for team members.  We could have "ride a buck" and "egg and spoon" contests as well as some more traditional classes.  Roger volunteered to cook food to sell.  And Rob suggested we make up flyers to invite the whole neighborhood to come and watch.  We're looking for more ideas for this fun show, so pitch in your thoughts!

Jennifer Lind's dad came along this Saturday and took the fantastic pictures you see in this post.  You can see more on Jennifer's Facebook page.

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