Sunday, December 2, 2012

Invitation to Participate in the 2012 Christmas Parade

The 2011 Summerville Christmas Parade
The Summerville Christmas Parade is coming up Sunday, Dec 9 at 2:00 pm in downtown Summerville, and Rose Court Farms will be there.  You should be there, too!  Boarders and friends are invited to participate in the Summerville Christmas parade.

The theme for the parade is "Santa's Workshop," so Rose Court Farms has chosen as its theme: "The Horses are Rockin' at Rose Court Farms."  We will create the image of elves working at Santa's workshop on rocking horses, as well as other toys. We will have in the parade:

  • Float riders - the float will be "Santa's Workshop" with a focus on making rocking horses.  Rob has cut out wooden rocking horses that will be placed around the edge of the flatbed.  We are looking for people to ride on the float.  People who ride on the float can: 
    • Dress as elves or any type of Christmas toy or simply wear a green Rose Court Farms shirt (which we have available).  Costumes can be anything that children would want and Santa can bring for Christmas.
    • Help hand out candy 
    • Act like you are working on making Christmas toys.  We have wrapped "presents" and oversized "tools" to help you do that.  Bring your creativity!  
  • Walkers - People who will walk along with the horses, just in case any spook or misbehave, and who will hand out candy.
  • Poop scoopers -- James and Sue will be driving a golf cart and will scoop up any messes the horses leave behind.  
  • Riders - 9 riders who will walk their horses through the parade route.  These riders will wear elf costumes, and the horses will be decked out as reindeer.  These riders and horses signed up in September and have been practicing for months.  We aren't adding any new riders at this time. 
We have to be at the parade grounds early, so we will be hauling out with the horses at 11:30.  We will be at the barn before that putting on costumes and getting ready.  And, I imagine, there will be an after-parade gathering at Madra Rua.  So, you are welcome to join us for any part of the celebration!  

We need people to sign up to participate in the parade.  If you plan to participate, please leave a comment on the post about the parade on the Rose Court Farms Facebook page.   Please let us know what role you would like to have (float rider or walker) and if you plan to wear a costume or t-shirt.

The following people have signed up.  I will update this page daily until the Friday before the parade, so if you post on the Facebook page, I will add you to the list here:

  • Walkers
    • Annette and Christina Clark
    • Roger West
    • Steve Williams
    • Madi Cutts
    • Rachel West
    • Sarah Hudock
    • Abigail Rath
    • Katie Forcier
    • Jen Brown
  • Float Riders
    • Tammy and James Putney
    • Tisha White Champ and family
    • Laura Hinton James and family
    • The Hensley Family
  • Poop Scoopers
    • James Champ
    • Sue Callahan
  • Horse Riders
    • Faith Williams on Dodger
    • Mary Darby Cutts on Nina
    • Luke Clark on Nellie
    • Mandy Carpenter on Wesley
    • Jenna Murphy on Lacey
    • Robert Browning on Cheyenne
    • Amy Hudock on Bella
    • Brooke Clayton on Moe
    • Becca Clayton on Misty

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