Sunday, November 25, 2012

SOLD - Lease or Buy a Jumper Pony

Sadly, my daughters have outgrown their favorite 13.2 pony Peanut. He has been with us three years, and he has taught our girls how to ride. He loves to jump, and can go 3" with no problem. He is dependable and safe without being pokey. He moves forward quickly and responds to gentle legs and light hands. He has gone everywhere, done everything - swimming, parades, trails, beaches, shows, camps, and more. He loves people and always wants to have a job. I trust him with my girls and let them ride him all over the farm. A true babysitter pony. He would be great for a child or small adult rider who is an advanced beginner or intermediate rider. The only reason I don't say "for beginners" is he is not a pokey, slow lesson pony, and he doesn't like riders who kick or pull at him.  A rider should be advanced enough to use gentle leg and light hands and be able to steer.  When a rider is ready to go beyond the pokey lesson horse, then Peanut is the next step up.  

Peanut is a favorite at our farm.  Most of our large group of young equestrians have ridden him at one time or another.  He has done a great deal of Parelli, and enjoys playing horse soccer with the big Parelli ball.  In fact, he is one of the best horses at the game, using his whole head to move the ball across the field.  

At 15 years old, he's too young for retirement (which he would hate). He needs new riders to love him like we do. So, we are leasing him, or offering him for sale to the right family.

Leasing is a great way to get started in equestrian sports. You get all the fun, with limited responsibility.  Your child can take lessons on Peanut, then practice what they have learned in between lessons.  It's a great way for new riders to improve their skills and have fun at the same time.  And, if your child outgrows Peanut, then you can move on to another, larger horse later.  Vet and farrier bills are covered by owner, so if the horse is injured or sick, the owner cares for him.  Also the owner provides tack to those who lease. All you need are riding boots and a helmet.  That is the fun of leasing rather than owning!  Lease agreements are for 3-6 month periods.  Leasing is $225 a month for 3 days a week, and $150 a month for 1 day a week.  We would also consider selling Peanut to the right family for $2000. Email roamy2010 at for more info.  

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