Monday, November 19, 2012

Bowling for Rob

Rob holding a birthday present
Rob's birthday was November 16th.  And what did he want to do to celebrate?  Bowl.  So, at the last minute, Mary put together a bowling party for him at the Royal Z Lanes in Goose Creek.  Around 20 or more boarders and friends showed up to help celebrate.  Many of us (me, especially) don't know how to bowl, but when has making fools of ourselves stopped us?  But I figured we make fools of ourselves on horseback all the time, so what's a little more humiliation?  At least this sport doesn't pose as high a risk for injury as one that involves large animals.

I'm happy to report there were no injuries, and everyone had a good time.  In fact, some of us (Rob, especially) turned out to be good bowlers.  But even those of us who rolled our balls into the gutter more often than not enjoyed the fun, too.

In fact, everyone had such a good time, we are thinking of planning another bowling night -- this time more in advance, so more people can come.  Let Rob know if you'd like to go bowling!

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