Monday, November 19, 2012

Good Showing at Tall Pines Nov 10, 2012

Katie on Baby (taken by Christina Clark)
Rose Court Farm riders took to the show ring again Saturday, November 10, at Tall Pines. We took three trailers and seven horses.  We got a bit of a late start because of some spectacular trailer loading refusals, but we made it in time for our riders to get into their second classes.  Rob and Mary drove the large three horse, Annette and Christina drove their new two horse, and I drove Rob's truck hauling Mary's two horse trailer.
Brianna on Whiskey (taken by Christina Clark)

  • Katie rode Baby
  • Madi rode Nelly
  • Jenna rode Lacey
  • Brianna rode Whiskey
  • Becca rode Cruiser
  • Sarah rode Cheyenne
  • Rachel rode Bella
I've never rushed so much to help someone get in a show ring!  Rachel's 12-and-under walk-trot class was lining up to enter the ring when when we arrived, so I sent her to change, threw on the tack, and then boosted Rachel up into the saddle - all in a matter of minutes.  She missed her first class, but was ready and waiting for the second. Poor Rachel went into the ring with no warm up and with her shirt still sticking out.  But she straightened herself out and did great.  Bella was a champ.  

All the girls rode well in their classes.  Jenna did particularly well on Lacey, winning some blue.  But all the girls made Rose Court look good with their skill, determination, and good sportsmanship.  Brianna and Katie rode in the hunter ring, which is on a different schedule than the other ring.  So, we were running back and forth so we wouldn't miss anything.  However, it was worth it to see them jumping.  They did so well! 

One of the highlights of the show was the "Ride-a-Buck" contests, which was well worth the buck.  All of our horses entered, with Rob replacing Sarah on Cheyenne.  Our own Katie Forcier nearly made it to the end, and finished in second place.  It was quite a contest! You can check out the video below (taken by Jenn Brown).  You can see more pictures from the show at Christina's Facebook page.  

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