Thursday, November 8, 2012

Harvest Fest 2012

A group of Rose Court Farm riders and friends went to the Mullet Hall Harvest Fest and Trail Ride this past week, and we had a great time. I highly recommend this event for everyone next year.  What fun!

Some trail riders and campers (Faith, Rob, Mary, Mandy, Amy, Gus, and Roger) went down Friday to set up camp.  We camped in a nice open area right by the barn, and we had a whole row of stalls just for our horses (Cheyenne, Nina, Bella, Wesley, and Dodger). We put the trailers and vehicles in a big circle so we could set up the tent and fire pit in the center, making a kind of "living room" in the center.  Next, we went on a trail ride.  The weather was beautiful, and the trails wide and sandy.  We got brave and climbed on some of the obstacle course. Then, we headed back to camp to cook out on the grill.  Roger and Amy brought the steaks, Mandy brought the potatoes, and Rob, Mary brought the salad, and Faith brought some special adult beverages.  We sat around the fire to enjoy it all.  The night was cold, but so worth it. 

Saturday morning, we ate Atlanta Bread bagels and Pumpkin Spiced Donuts with our fresh brewed coffee (courtesy of Jenn's fancy coffee maker), fed the horses, then then Annette, Christina, and Luke arrived with Nelly and Nova.  We headed out for another trail ride, and then walked around the Harvest Fest and watched some horse training.  They had four bands, tons of venders and food trucks, and games for the kids. We had a lot of day visitors at the Harvest Fest and the campsite, including Steve and Sherri, Laura and kids, Tisha and kids, and Jenn.  Our kids (Sarah, Rachel, and Madi) joined us for the Harvest Fest and to spend the night. A group went out on another trail ride, which was Luke's first one ever. The Harvest Fest served up a great dinner of barbecue and the fixings for all the campers.  The horses went night grazing wearing their glowsticks, and the kids cooked up popcorn over the fire.  The kids then sang to us from their tent until they fell asleep. 

On Sunday, we woke to a warm, full breakfast, again put on by the Harvest Fest for the campers, then took the horses out to graze.  We started packing up, then went on our last trail ride.  It was hard to say goodbye to such a wonderful weekend! 

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