Thursday, October 31, 2013

Harvest Fest Nov 1-3, 2013

Well, it's that time of year again.  Harvest Fest.  A day festival of food and music for some on Sat, Nov 2nd, a full camping weekend for others. Day visitors are welcome at the Rose Court Farms campsite, so come on down, even if you can't say the whole weekend.

Reminders for Mullet Hall Campers: A big group is hauling out around noon on Friday - other groups througout the day. You will need to bring your official Coggins, water and feed buckets for stall, feed for your horse in baggies, and all your own tack and horse supplies. Rob will bring hay for all Rose Court Farm horses. You will be responsible for the care of your own horse while off property. We will have a potluck dinner Friday night, so you will need your own food to cook on the grill and any sides you want to share for Friday night dinner, bagels/muffins for Sat morning breakfast, drinks and bottled water, and any snacks. Everyone will buy his or her own lunch Saturday at the festival food trucks. Dinner Sat night and breakfast Sun morning are provided by Mullet Hall for $20 per person. Bring a chair for each member of your group and all the camping supplies you will need.

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