Monday, June 24, 2013

Middleton Place Stables to Host CT Show July 13

Middleton Place
Cross Training Show 
Charleston, South Carolina
July 13, 2013
Dressage Judge: Katherine Butt

Dressage Classes $30 ($25 Early Entry) Combined Test $45 ($40 Early Entry)

1.     Lead Line Dressage Test
2.     Intro Test A
3.     Intro Test B
4.     Intro Test C
5.     Training Level Test 1
6.     Training Level test 2
7.     Training Level Test 3
8.     Training Level Rider Test
9.     First Level Test of Choice
10.  First Level Rider Test
11.  Second Level Test of Choice
12.  Third Level Test of Choice
13.  Fourth Level Test of Choice
14.  Amoeba  Fences to 12”-18” USDF Intro Test B
15.  Tadpole  Fences to 2” USDF Intro Test C
16.  Beginner Novice Fences to 2’7” USEA Beg Novice Test B
17.  Novice  Fences to 2’11” USEA Novice Test B
18.  Training  Fences to 3’3” USEA Training Test A
19.  Preliminary Fences to 3’7” USEA Preliminary Test B
20.  Extra Jumping Round ($20)

Early Entry Closing Date: Sunday July 7th 
Final Closing Date: Wednesday, July 10th 

§  Proof of Negative Coggins mandatory. NO COGGINS=NO ENTRY. Please mail with entry.
§  Organizer reserves the right to refuse any entry, add, combine, cancel, change, or split classes or change show officials
§  ASTM approved helmets required AT ALL TIMES while riding
§  Attire is casual but neat. Polo shirts & half chaps OK. Braiding not necessary.
§  Times will be available and e-mailed by end of day Thursday, May 23rd
§  NO CHANGES after Thursday May 23rd at noon.
§  Limited stabling available on grounds contact organizer for information
§  All non-stabled show horses must pay a $5 grounds fee.
§  Non-compete horses must provide Coggins and pay $20 grounds fee.
§  Prizes & ribbons 1st-6th awarded per division.
§  Concessions available on grounds
§  All dogs MUST be leashed or sacrifice a $50 donation to the jump building fund


Rider: _________________________________________ JR / SR (circle one)
Address: ________________________________________________________
City/ State/ Zip: __________________________________________________
Phone: __________________ E-Mail: ________________________________

Class #: _________ Class: ______________________________ Fee: $_______
Class #: _________ Class: ______________________________ Fee: $_______
Class #: _________ Class: ______________________________ Fee: $_______
Class #: _________ Class: ______________________________ Fee: $_______

Grounds Fee $5 (ALL non-stabled show horses) Fee: $______
Non-Compete Horses $20 (must provide Coggins) Fee: $______

TOTAL Enclosed: $___________

§  Make Checks Payable to TRISH RUSSO
§  Mail Entry to: 162 Moon Dance Lane, Summerville, SC 29483
§  $25 fee for returned checks
§  NO REFUNDS after closing date


I am aware that riding horses is an athletic event which poses potentially serious risk of injuries to myself and my horse. I understand that I or my horse may be injured as a result of my negligence, the negligence of others, or through no fault of my own or anyone else due to the activity in which I am going to be engaged. I hereby agree to hold harmless Middleton Equestrian Center, Trish Russo, Amy Young, any organizers, volunteers, or any other participants for any injuries or death which I or my horse may sustain while we participate in this event.

Competitor Signature: _____________________________________________

Parent or Guardian if Rider Under 18: ________________________________

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